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December 1, 2011

Mental health counselor N. Jay Tow restricted from treating female patients

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On or about October 6, 2011, the Florida Department of Health issued an emergency order restricting licensed mental health counselor and sex therapist N. Jay Tow from treating female patients in private after it was determined by the state Surgeon General’s office that he had discussed details of his own sex life with a 36-year-old female patient and engaged in sexual contact with her during a therapy session.

The Surgeon General’s report (“report”) stated that the patient sought Tow in March 2010 on the recommendation of a previous therapist after the patient said she had developed sexual fantasies about the previous therapist.

When the patient asked him if he would be interested in her if she were not his patient, he answered in the affirmative. This progressed to kissing and hugging and then to fondling. Afterward, she said she was going to have to tell her husband.

The report stated that he later sent the client two e-mails, one of which stated “I am really sorry and have felt horrible all week. You will not hear from me again. I just wish I could sit down with you and [your husband] and talk.” The patient never returned to Tow.

Source: John Dorschner, “Sex therapist ordered to stop treating women,” The Miami Herald, October 6, 2011.


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