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January 15, 2012

Cop: “You’re under arrest.” Psych: “But I’m a psychologist.” Cop: “What are you on, crack?” Psych: “Um…actually…”

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A North Stratfield Elementary School (Stratford, Connecticut) psychologist was arrested Wednesday for possession of crack cocaine.

Police charged Krista Salvioli, 27, of Indian Field Road in Bridgeport and Peter Fiore, 34, of Village Court in Wilton with possession of drug paraphernalia and crack cocaine after pulling them over about 10 p.m. near the intersection of South and Stratford avenues.

Police said Salvioli told an officer she can’t be arrested because she’s a psychologist at an elementary school in Fairfield. The school confirmed Salvioli works at the school.

An officer stopped Salvioli and Fiore, her passenger, on South Avenue because they were traveling in a vehicle with an obstructed license plate, police said.

Salvioli seemed nervous and appeared to be hiding something when an officer asked for her license and registration, according to police.

When the investigating officer noticed a glass pipe visible in the center console of the vehicle, the officer questioned Salvioli about it.

“What pipe?” police said she told the officer. “This can’t happen. I’m a teacher.”

Police said Fiore also appeared to be hiding something. He was reaching toward his left ankle and adjusting his pant leg when an officer approached him on the other side of the vehicle, police said.

An officer ordered Fiore out of the vehicle and began to pat him down. Police said Fiore started to struggle and eventually fell to the ground.

Police said an officer injured his left pinky during the struggle.

Once Fiore was restrained, police found a glass pipe and a small amount of crack cocaine concealed in his sock.

In addition to the drug charges, Fiore was charged with interfering with an officer and Salvioli was charged with having an obscured license plate.

The pair are scheduled to appear in court Jan. 12.

Source: Brittany Lyte, “Cops: School psychologist found with crack,” Connecticut Post, January 5, 2012.


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