Psych Crime Reporter

March 9, 2012

Cumberland River Comprehensive Care

Are you a student or the parent of a student who was “counseled” by an employee of Cumberland River Comprehensive Care (CRCC)?

Are you a former employee of CRCC?

CRCC (or “CompCare,” as it’s referred to by some people) is a provider of a broad range of mental health services and operates in an eight-county area in southeastern Kentucky.

Among the services they provide is “Child/Family Intervention.” This consists of a unlicensed counselor who is considered a “guest” at the school and who makes contact with certain students, supposedly because they  need mental health assistance.

While the CompCare employee manual probably describes their job in different terms, what they really do is target kids from low-income families and work up a file on them which is then used to justify putting the child under the care of CompCare, for which they can bill Medicaid (the federal health care program for lower income people).

Some people will say this is a good thing.

Some people know that it’s not because they’ve seen the harm that’s come to their kids when some counselor labels them with “ADHD” or “bipolar” and gets them started on drugs.

If you would like to report what occurred and find out what can be done about it, please e-mail me or leave a comment and I will contact you.




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