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November 12, 2012

Psychiatrist William Ayres faces child molestation retrial in March 2013

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A once-prominent Northern California child psychiatrist is set to be retried on charges that he molested patients after a judge sided with prosecutors who argued that he fooled mental health experts into believing he had dementia to avoid prosecution.

San Mateo County Superior Court Judge John Grandsaert set a March 2013 trial date for William Ayres, 80, on Wednesday.

Ayres was tried in 2009 on charges that he molested several young boys under his care, but a jury couldn’t reach a verdict. He was accused of using physical exams that included the genitals as a cover for the abuse.

Prosecutors attempted to retry him, but Ayres was ruled incompetent and sent to Napa State Hospital.

Grandsaert said a key factor in his ruling was a report from a psychologist who said Ayres faked or at least exaggerated dementia.

The psychologist, John McIlnay, said Ayres was able to perform tasks that would be difficult for someone with dementia, including spelling “Alzheimer’s” for the nurse filling out his admissions form and recognizing and greeting a fellow psychiatrist he hadn’t seen in more than a year.

The defense countered that a dozen mental health professionals who examined Ayres, including two doctors at Napa State Hospital, agreed he had dementia.

Ayres’ attorney, Jonathan McDougall, told the San Mateo County Times ( ) he’ll consider appealing Grandsaert’s decision.

Ayres is the former president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. His patients were a mix of private clients from wealthy families who were referred by their pediatricians and troubled juvenile delinquents ordered to undergo therapy by the courts.

He was arrested in 2007 after a four-year investigation, and his license to practice medicine was suspended.

Ayres testified at his trial that the exams he conducted on some of his patients were necessary because he had concerns about their physical health.

Source: Judge: “Psychiatrist fooled mental health experts,” Associated Press, November 1, 2012. 


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  1. Ayres didn’t lie about having dementia. The San Mateo DA’s office knew he didn’t have dementia, yet they kept on a lazy, and incompetent prosecutor on the case, despite the fact that she is under investigation by the California Bar for misconduct. The prosecutor and DA Steve Wagstaffe were angry that the families of the victims hired a private investigator to tail Ayres in August 2011, because the DA didn’t want to retry Ayres on mental competency. The prosecutor stopped taking the calls of the lawyer for the family of one victim, who had asked the prosecutor to look at the surveillance that showed Ayres was competent. No other DA’s office in this country would have been angered that there was evidence that showed a pedophile was competent to stand trial. But DA Wagstaffe was angry and told the parent of the victim that it “wasn’t helpful” to Ayres’ competency that Ayres was using a walker. Balderdash. DA Wagstaffe’s own office hired Ayres over the years; the current Judge on the Ayres case, John Grandsaert worked in the juvenile division of the DA’s office for years, where it is most likely that he dealt with Ayres himself on cases.

    DA Wagstaffe said they didn’t want to waste taxpayers’ money on a mental competency retrial that couldn’t be won. That was in August 2011. So they put Ayres in Napa State Hospital for nine months- where even the custodial staff could see Ayres was competent to stand trial.

    At Napa, Ayres tried to groom a disabled man to be a victim… And now he’s out on bail again. Almost six years since Ayres’ arrest, one mistrial after another, an incompetent prosecution and corrupt DA- who last year, it was reported by the Mercury News- was under investigation by the FBI for covering up crimes by San Mateo County employees ? As Ayres was under contract to San Mateo Courts for more than 40 years, ya think there might be a conflict of interest all round and that it is not in the DA’s best interest to get a conviction as it would cost the County millions in lawsuits? And aren’t some other government players in the Ayres case also under investigation? Stay tuned…

    Comment by Loudon — December 2, 2012 @ 7:04 am | Reply

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