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December 10, 2012

Psychologist Ross Colquhoun loses license; patient died following rapid opiate detox

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On December 5, 2012, the Psychologist’s Tribunal of New South Wales cancelled the registration of psychologist Ross Colquhoun (revoked his license).

Colquhoun was the clinical director of the “Psych ‘n Soul Clinic,” in Sydney, which provided Rapid Opiate Detoxification (“ROD”) to patients addicted to drugs. The investigation into Colquhoun’s conduct arose over concerns about two patients who were treated at the Clinic in 2007 and 2008, and who required subsequent hospitalization. One of the patients died soon after undergoing ROD at the Clinic.

Colquhoun had assessed both patients as suitable to undergo ROD. The Tribunal found that Colquhoun failed to:

  • adequately assess the patients; take into accunt contraindications for the treatment;
  • adequately explain the treatment, including risks, to the patients;
  • adequately explain alternative options;
  • consult other practitioners involved in the patients’ care.

The Tribunal found that Colquhoun’s handling of the patients amounted to professional misconduct as a psychologist; that he was not competent to practice as a psychologist and that he was not a suitable person for registration in the profession. The Tribunal accepted the Health Care Complaints Commission’s submissions that Mr. Colquhoun was “unwilling to accept advice and slow to change” and that he would only change “where there is no alternative and not because of any insight on his part.”

In addition to deregistration, the Tribunal also made an order prohibiting him from providing mental health services in any other capacity (such as counseling or screening), whether in a public or private setting.


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