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February 6, 2013

Marriage & family therapist Thomas Dworniczek suspended for various violations

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On November 1, 2012, the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency placed clinical social worker and marriage & family therapist Thomas  Dworniczek on indefinite suspension for numerous standard of practice violations. Among other things, the Board’s document states that Dworniczek introduced a patient to several types of meditation during counseling; maintained social relationships with two patients, whom he invited to social events at the homes of other of his clients; paid for a client’s flight to attend a Kabbalah retreat in another state; discussed the personal matters of patients with other patients and gave $7,000 to a client to pay school tuition in exchange for a letter from her stating that she had never had a sexual relationship with her.



  1. I have just been informed about the information reported on this website, and have contacted the Indiana Licensing Board to lodge a complaint. The initial claims against me have been dropped because one of the accusing clients recanted her claims and admitted she was manipulated by another former client. I am currently allowed to practice in Indiana. I admitted to the Licensing Board that I allowed some of my clinical clients to participate in the spiritual practices I also teach—like shamanism and the Kabbalah. This has been rectified with supervision. What you wrote on this blog was the “initial” charges brought against me, but most of that info has been dropped because of the lies. There were “NO” sexual improprieties charged against me. Just some boundary issues which have been dealt with. To get an accurate, responsible picture, I suggest you contact Cindy Vaught at the Licensing board. If you do not change this blog immediately, I will be forced to pursue a legal remedy. Thank you.

    Comment by Tom Dworniczek — June 6, 2014 @ 7:13 am | Reply

    • Dear Mr. Dworniczek,

      If the Board removes the record showing the charges from their online licensee search, I will remove it from this blog.


      Comment by Psych Crime Reporter — June 12, 2014 @ 2:28 pm | Reply

  2. Hi, so I wanted to clarify what happened after this. I am “that girl” and here is the rest if my story. I was living with a crazy lady who had it out for Tom. Months after Tom and I sorted out differences/etc we were friends. And yeah, maybe that part wasn’t okay, but the letter I wrote to the state was influenced by this crazy woman. She has a personality disorder and is very manipulative. She convinced me that Tom wanted a lot more than just to help me achieve my goals in life. I believe her then. Tom and I never did sleep together. That was made up by Susan. I sent her my statement about how he and I were friends and maybe that was inappropriate but she forged and filled in the rest. Years later I contacted Tom and asked for forgiveness. I hadn’t even known what Susan had written in there. It never got shared with me or followed up. The state followed up with her. I know tom very well, and the only thing he is guilty of is caring with all his heart about helping people achieve their goals. He saved my suicidal brothers life six months ago. What about that story, or the many other amazing things he has done for people. That’s the real story. -Kim Wilson.

    Comment by kendrachakra13 — June 6, 2014 @ 11:34 am | Reply

  3. Dear Sue,
    I spoke with Cindy Vaught, Board Director of the licensing board, and was told what you posted on your blog was the “initial” claims brought against me by a former client who manipulated Miss Wilson into lying about me. The troubling issue for me is that most of the charges were fabricated. But she said all issues are available as public records which I believe is unfair in cases like mine when it is later found that clients can claim anything and it’s in the record. She suggested that either I send you their final findings after their in depth investigation, or that you post only the findings and not the false allegations. Unfortunately they cannot remove the initial charges, which I find disturbing, but in all fairness you should be willing to show findings as opposed to claims which turn out to be false. My major blunder was trying to include my clinical clients into my spiritual practice if they were interested because I thought having a spiritual model to deal with their life problems could alleviate some of their problems. The state has asked me to keep these two parts of my practice separate, so I have created a new business entity which only deals with my spiritual teachings. Though you are in your right to blog everything from the state, it seems that if you want to do justice for people, including us therapists, you would want to blog the truth and not information that any disturbed client comes up with. I am in the process of redeeming my reputation which, until this incident, has been impeccable for 30 years. I have also filed a request with Google to address this issue per my attorney’s request. Please email me if you want me to send you the states findings against me—most of which had to do with boundary issues. I’ll wait to hear from you. Thanks.

    Comment by Tom Dworniczek — June 21, 2014 @ 8:22 am | Reply

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