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May 21, 2013

Medical board files accusation against psychiatrist Ellis M. Schwied

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On March 19, 2013, the California Medical Board issued an Accusation against psychiatrist Ellis Michael Schwied for gross negligence, repeated negligent acts and failure to maintain adequate and accurate records.

These charges involve Schwied’s treatment of two patients.

In one case, Schweid diagnosed a 20-year-old female patient with anxiety disorder and social anxiety though his records do not contain substantiations for such diagnoses. He prescribed a tranquilizer and gave samples of an antidepressant but neglected to schedule a follow-up appointment.Upon discovering who the patient’s mother was, he asked if she minded if he dated her mother, which he began doing shortly after. This caused the patient several episodes of anxiety. Schweid would transmit more samples of the antidepressant to the patient via her mother or by leaving them on her porch in an unmarked bag. His records however showed no notations for the additional samples.

In the other case, he prescribed Adderall to an adult male patient without diagnosing him for a condition for which such a drug would be prescribed. Schwied prescribed 60 tablets and wrote another prescription for 60 tablets only five days later. The records show no phone call, conversation or other reason for this. During the course of treatment, Schwied revealed information to the patient about his personal, private life, including details about his wife, who was battling cancer. Schwied established a personal relationship with the patient in which he and his wife would attend musical events in which Schwied performed, as well as other social events.


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