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July 18, 2013

State denies mental health counselor’s application due to prescriptions, misrepresentations

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On June 6, 2013, the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners denied the licensed associate counselor application of Katie Jebraail.

The Board’s document states that Jebraail had “been filling prescriptions for large amounts of controlled drugs since at least 2007” and noted that she utilized multiple prescribers and multiple pharmacies at once (e.g. “7 prescribers and 4 pharmacies in 2009; 4 providers and 2 pharmacies in 2010….”).

Further, the Board’s document stated that Jebraail deliberately misrepresented details of her DUI arrest (e.g. stated she had a BAC of .003 when it was actually .058 and that she had taken only one Xanax on that day when the police report indicates that she told officers she taken 6-7 Xanax with two beers prior to her arrest); the number of medical providers she’d had for the previous 10 years (she reported to the Board only having three providers when she’d been treated by 15 doctors); prescription medication taken in the last ten years (reported two drugs when pharmacy records show she’s filled prescriptions for nine drugs) and that she is not currently taking any medication for back pain (pharmacy and medical records show that she continues to obtain large amounts of Oxycodone on a monthly basis).



  1. This report is untrue and was reported by a person targeting and harrasing this individual. I think that these so called “crimes” should be investigated prior to being posted on the internet. Shame on this site for alowing “anyone” to say what they want and how they want to on this site. Not fair to the people being accused. This site allows for incorrect information to be posted and should not be used as a resource for people needing mental health help.

    Comment by Katherine — October 27, 2013 @ 10:52 pm | Reply

    • Katherine, there is only one person posting stories on this site and that’s me.

      If you are upset about the news story about Ms. Jebraail that’s posted here, all I can offer you is a big “boo-hoo-hoo.” I don’t pass disciplinary measure against people like Ms. Jebraail, the state licensing boards do. I don’t even “report” on these matters. I merely summarize the boards’ documents so average people can understand them.


      Comment by Psych Crime Reporter — October 28, 2013 @ 8:54 pm | Reply

      • The information BBHE used to investigate Mrs. Jebraail was either deliberately misused, or the result of poor investigation standards. The investigators counted all doctors and pharmacies who billed to her insurance over the last 6 years, per year, as being her personal providers. They were not all her own doctors or pharmacies. Mrs. Jebraail has a family of 5 and these were the doctors and pharmacies used by all of them. She did not lie about her own, personal medical history. Along with this misinformation, Mrs. Jebraail’s report was unfairly written, and went so far as to include the brand names of all prescribed medications and suggestive comments such as “Xanax is a known addictive benzodiazipeme”. Protected Health Information at this level of detail and additional commentary is not found on any other report prior to hers.

        BBHE has violated the privacy rights of Mrs. Jebraail.

        It is also important to note that Mrs. Jebraail has never practiced counseling or provided psychiatric services of any kind. Why her application is considered a crime has never been made clear.

        Since the posting of the report online, Mrs. Jebraail has been targeted by an individual using the pseudonym “Charlie Bauer” who has harassed her and her family with threatening letters. This person even went so far as to call CPS on Mrs. Jebraail and made a false report using the BBHE material. CPS has since found the report unsubstantiated. This person has twice claimed responsibility for her subsequent termination by DBHS and continues to harass Mrs. Jebraail’s former coworkers. Former DBHS officials have been targeted by “Bauer” in the past upon their leaving the division, and it has since been confirmed by a reliable source that this individual is still employed at DBHS.

        Comment by Jean DA — January 29, 2014 @ 7:56 pm

    • The licensure Board fully investigated the drug abuse of Katie Jebraail. They also gave an forum to reply to all charges but all she did was lie. She was also fired from her position at DBHS because of her drug addiction and she would not enter rehab. She also has an alcohol problem.

      Comment by Albert Hauser — January 29, 2014 @ 4:03 pm | Reply

      • Who is this ” Charlie Bauer” claiming responsibility for Mrs. Jebraails’ termination? Is DBHS investigating the “Bauer” harassment accusations of Mrs. Jebraail, former co-workers, previous employees targeted to the point of resignation? Mrs. Jebraails legal identity/information has become public, hence so should the true identity of this fictatious “Charlie Bauer”. So very intrigued. Appears to be “smoke in mirrors” with many more layers in the disfunction of the DBHS (our tax dollars contribute to).

        Baffeled and Beyond Curious, BBC

        Comment by Baffeled and Beyond Curious — June 23, 2014 @ 9:13 pm

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