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May 2, 2014

Mental health counselor Adam Glatt surrenders license on sadomasochism-related charges

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A Midlothian mental health counselor has agreed to give up his license to practice in Florida after a former patient told authorities there that he engaged improperly in sexual activities with her.

An administrative complaint filed by the Florida Department of Health against Adam M. Glatt, 53, alleges that he committed sexual misconduct and violated professional standards by engaging in sexual activities with a patient identified only as “K.N.”

According to the complaint, K.N. began counseling with Glatt after her son died 49 days after birth due to “a variety of medical issues.” During her counseling sessions, according to the complaint, Glatt “began discussing his role in the bondage, domination, sadomasochism lifestyle (BDSM).”

The patient later moved into a garage apartment at Glatt’s home and the two began a sexual relationship that included attending several BDSM events, “at which, during at least one of such events, [Glatt] flogged Patient K.N.,” according to the complaint.

K.N. ended her relationship with Glatt in late 2011, the complaint said. No information was provided about when or why she contacted the regulatory board, but the board’s complaint against him was filed in 2012.

Glatt, who operates a counseling office off Hull Street Road, remains licensed in Virginia. Glatt’s attorney, Derek J. Angell, said Glatt was licensed in Florida for more than 20 years with no previous complaints. He “has denied and continues to deny any wrongdoing or impropriety” regarding his counseling of K.N., Angell said.

Source: Michael Buettner, “Local counselor surrenders license in Florida,” Chesterfield Observer, April 23, 2014.


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