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May 14, 2018

6 Patient Overdose Deaths: Psychiatrist Edwin B. Hall Surrenders License

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On April 2, 2018, the New Mexico Medical Board issued an Agreed Order for Voluntary Surrender of License While Under Investigation, on psychiatrist Edwin B. Hall.

The Board had suspended Hall’s license on an emergency basis in October 2017, citing “evidence indicating that you pose a clear and immediate danger to the public health and safety if you continue to practice medicine.” This Summary Suspension order specified that Hall “allowed an unlicensed individual to treat patients in your practice and then billed ther services…under your Medicaid ID.” It further stated that the unlicensed individual “also had adverse licensure action taken against him by the Georgia Medical Board for prescribing issues.”

The current Order for Voluntary Surrender adds additional information, including:

  • Hall prescribed controlled substances and combinations of medications in a manner that posed a threat to the health of his clients–six of whom died as the result of overdose.
  • The New Mexico Board of Pharmacy identidied Hall as as “high-risk prescriber.
  • Hall signed patient applications for medical marijuana after his license was summarily suspended.
  • The aforementioned unlicensed individual had actually had his license revoked for engaging in inappropriate sexual contact with a female patient.

Hall may not seek reinstatment and may not otherwise practice medicine in the state of New Mexico.

Source: Agreed Order for the Voluntary Surrender of License While Under Investigation, in the Matter of Edwin B. Hall, License No. 75-161, Before the New Mexico Medical Board.


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