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October 27, 2012

Testimony: Patient was happy, became zombie after beginning treatment with psychiatrist Aubrey Levin

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CALGARY — The former girlfriend of the primary complainant in the Dr. Aubrey Levin sex assault trial says her partner was transformed from a happy-go-lucky guy into a “zombie” after court-ordered appointments with the forensic psychiatrist.

The girlfriend testified on Thursday that R.B. was initially always joking before the sessions with Levin at Peter Lougheed Centre between late January 2008 and March 2010, but increasingly became nervous and agitated beforehand, then short-tempered and angry afterwards.

She also said R.B. began drinking heavily after sessions, slept most of the time and unable to work. She believes it was because of Levin’s actions and a couple of different drugs he administered to her partner.

“I always describe him like a zombie – no emotion, nothing, he just sat there. He’d sleep 16 hours a day, other times he’d sleep 22 hours a day,” said the woman, who cannot be identified because of a court order.

She said when she asked Levin why R.B. went from “being happy to a zombie,” the doctor “got angry, got red in the face and said “why am I asking that question?”

The woman, who lived commonlaw with R.B. for five years, said she went into another session between Levin and R.B., which she called “horrible,” and was shocked by the personal questions and comments by the doctor.

“Levin asked me what kind of relationship was had. He wanted to know if I knew about (R.B.’s) past and knew why he was there,” she told Crown prosecutor Dallas Sopko. “Then he proceeded to tell me that because I knew nothing about (R.B.). how could I say I was in a relationship with him.

“He said (R.B.) was just looking for a mother and said I’d never be a girlfriend or wife, then he got into sexual questions. He wanted to know who would initiate sex, how long this would last, how long (R.B.) would last, where we had sex and what we did.”

She said R.B. came home on Feb. 16, 2010, and showed him blood on his underwear and a cut on his genitals, which she said was caused by Levin. It prompted them to go to the Spy Store to buy a Spy Watch video camera, one that R.B. used to videotape his next two sessions, which the jury saw Levin fondling his genitals — the latter tape for more than 14 minutes. They turned the evidence over to R.B.’s lawyer, then to police.

Levin is on trial for allegedly assaulting 10 patients under his court-ordered care, including R.B., between 1999 and 2010.

The accused, who fired his lawyers earlier this week and is representing himself, refused to cross-examine any of the three witnesses on Thursday.

When asked by Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donna Shelley if he had any questions for Dr. Francois Belanger, medical director of Alberta Health Services, Levin declined because he said he was incapable of doing so.

Levin has told court he has dementia and has severe memory problems, but has sounded very articulate when speaking in court.

“M’Lady, I have never been trained as a lawyer. I have never been trained to do cross-examination. Over and above that, I am hampered by . . .” he said before Shelley cut him off and excused the jury.

hen the jury returned a short time later, Shelley simply told them, “There are no questions for cross-examination.”

Levin also said when asked if he had questions for the girlfriend, the final witness of the day, “M’Lady, I regret I’m not trained to cross-examine.”

Again, the judge abruptly stopped him and sent away the jury. When they returned later, she told them, “Dr. Levin has no questions.”

The situation will become even more significant next week when prosecutors Bill Wister and Sopko begin calling the 10 complainants to testify.

Levin, 73, is accused of sexually molesting them while in a position of trust during court-orddered sessions at Peter Lougheed Centre. He told police in a videotaped statement to police Det. David Burke on March 23, 2010, shortly after being charged, that he was doing a medical procedure on R.B. for sexual dysfunction that was generally done by a urologist.

Belanger, however, said although psychiatrists are permitted to conduct physical examinations on patients, they must formally request from the College of Physicians and Surgeons to do any procedures that are not part of their mandate.

“There are no restrictions on his privileges, but we expect Dr. Levin would practice as a forensic psychiatrist as per the standards as specified by the College,” said Belanger.

“I would expect a psychiatrist to practice in the standards of clinical psychiatry, not the standards of a urologist.”

Belanger said between 1998, when Levin was hired, he never applied to practice as a urologist or to do a urologist’s procedures. He said Levin was suspended after being charged.

It is still expected that the court will appoint a neutral lawyer to cross-examine some of the complainants, but that has yet to be determined.

Source: Daryl Slade, “Cheerful patient became a ‘zombie’ after sessions with Levin, trial told,” Calgary Herald, October 25, 2012.


August 14, 2012

State suspends license of psychiatrist Stephen Melcher, convicted of sex crime involving child

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On June 5, 2012, the Medical Board of California issued a Notice of Automatic Suspension of License on psychiatrist Stephen Francis  Melcher.

Melcher, who was employed by Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento California, was convicted on April 3, 2012 of commission of a lewd and lascivious act upon a child, aged 11 years.

According to the Board’s Accusation, Melcher hosted a dinner party in October 2011. Among the guests at the party was a mother and father and their 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter. The document states that after dinner, while the children were watching television in another room separate from the dining room that Melcher sat down next to the boy and reached under a blanket which was covering him, unzipped the boy’s pants and fondled him.

Melcher was sentenced to a year in prison and must register as a sex offender.

Source: Accusation and Notice of Automatic Suspension of License in the Matter of the Accusation Against Stephen Francis Melcher, M.D., License No. A51177, Case No. 02-2011-219000, Medical Board of California.

Board continues suspension of custody evaluator Brian K. Wald

On May 21, 2012, the Virginia Board of Psychology continued licensed clinical psychologist Brian K. Wald, on indefinite suspension.

The Board summarily suspended Wald on April 9, 2012, subsequent to a determination that his practice posed a substantial danger to public health or safety.

According to the Board’s Order, during the course of performing a child custody evaluation, as well as in the role of a parenting coordinator between November 2, 2009 and July 27, 2011 Wald on multiple occasions sat very close to Individual A, held and caressed her hands and arms in a romantic manner and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. Wald admitted kissing the patient on the mouth on one occasion.

Individual A recorded her office on a hidden digital audio video recorder, which documented Wald’s inappropriate conduct. The Board found Wald’s testimony regarding his conduct to be not credible and to reveal a lack of insight, candor and contrition but found that Individual A had a consistent record of having related her complaints about Wald’s conduct to her therapist.

Source: Order in re: Brian K. Wald, License No. 0810-001650, Case No. 141257, before the Virginia Board of Psychology.

August 4, 2011

Louisiana “school counselor” sentenced to 30 years prison for child rape is actually licensed psychiatrist


Allison Campo Hargrave, M.D.
224 ST. LANDRY ST., STE. 2-B
Phone: (337) 235-4554


Number License Category Issue Date Reinstatement Date Current Through Current Status Specialty
MD.14022R Medicine and Surgery 03/20/2001   06/07/2010 License suspended pending administrative action Psychiatry
Medical/Professional School Degree Date Graduated
Louisiana State University School of Medicine M.D. 05/18/1996

A former Ascension Episcopal School counselor will spend 30 years behind bars for raping a 14-year-old female student who went to her for in-school guidance.

U.S. District Judge Richard Haik sentenced Dr. Allison Hargrave, 40, of Lafayette, to 30 years in prison followed by 20 years of supervised release.

Haik told Hargrave during her sentencing Wednesday evening that he strongly considered putting her in jail for the remainder of her life.

“I wanted to, but I just couldn’t justify it,” Haik said. “Thirty years is a long, long time, Ms. Hargrave.”

Haik, who also ordered Hargrave to pay $279,454 in restitution to the victim, had harsh words for Hargrave.

“You manipulated, and you played the game,” Haik said. “And you lost.”

During the sentencing, Haik told Hargrave he would recommend she be placed in a prison facility where she can get “serious medical treatment for a serious problem you have.”

In March, Hargrave pleaded guilty in federal court to the crime of attempting to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity.

Hargrave, wearing a bright pink Iberia Parish Jail inmate jumpsuit, solemnly walked out the courtroom after Haik sentenced her. She did, however, apologize for her actions earlier in the sentencing.

Hargrave, who was a counselor and yoga instructor at the school, began counseling the 14-year-old female victim during spring 2009. Haik sharply criticized Hargrave on Wednesday for taking advantage of the student, who went to Hargrave for help with depression and suicidal feelings.

“You will survive,” Haik told Hargrave. “I pray to God that young lady does too.”

Hargrave continued her relationship with the minor during the summer of 2009, and by that fall, Hargrave began sending the victim text messages and emails “graphically discussing engaging in sexual activities with the minor and making plans to meet the minor to engage in the sexual activities,” according U.S. Attorney Stephanie Finley, who represents Lafayette as part of Louisiana’s Western District.

“This case reflects the serious consequences and fallout of individuals who sexually abuse minors,” Finley said in a news release.

“The harm done to children is long range and often irreversible. The actions of the defendant are disturbing, and the sentence is justified.”

During the fall of 2009, Hargrave “raped the minor female in a medical office in Lafayette,” Finley said. Hargrave continued to sexual exploit the victim into January 2010.

Source: Nicholas Persac, “Ex-school counselor to serve 30 years,” The Advertiser, August 3, 2011.

February 23, 2011

Former state psychiatric hospital director gets 248 years prison for sex abuses; courtroom applauds as max sentence handed down

LONG BEACH, Calif. — A former state mental hospital director was sentenced Wednesday to 248 years in prison for molesting his adopted son over eight years as part of what prosecutors claimed was a pattern of abuse that spanned four decades and ensnared a dozen young boys.

Superior Court Judge James B. Pierce called defendant Claude Foulk, 63, a “sick, sick man” and said he should have been the No. 1 patient at the mental hospital he oversaw.

The judge drew applause from the courtroom after issuing the maximum possible sentence.

“Someone was selected out of an adoption book, totally selected at a very young age, and made a sex slave,” the judge lectured Foulk. “I don’t think the word father or dad belongs in the same sentence with Mr. Foulk. A father or dad couldn’t do these things.”

The victim is now 27 and living in Atlanta. The Associated Press is not naming the man because it has a policy not to identify alleged victims of sexual abuse.

Foulk, the former head of Napa State Hospital, was convicted of 20 counts of forcible oral copulation, nine counts of sodomy and two counts of lewd acts for abuse between 1992 and 2001. He was acquitted of two counts each of sodomy and oral copulation for charged acts that occurred after the victim was 18.

“It’s beyond the comprehension of most human beings,” the judge said. “It’s not unlike slavery of old, to go through the (foster) system and obtain a human being and attempt to mold that individual to satisfy one’s own sexual desires. Disgusting. This one has got to be the worst. It’s the worst of the worst.”

Foulk, who has repeatedly denied the allegations, testified at trial that his adopted son had a history of lying.

Superior Court Judge James B. Pierce called defendant Claude Foulk, 63, a “sick, sick man” and said he should have been the No. 1 patient at the mental hospital he oversaw.

Prosecutors said another 11 men came forward to claim Foulk molested them as children dating back to 1965, but only the son’s case could be prosecuted because of the statute of limitations.

Foulk was fired from his post at Napa State Hospital after his arrest last year.

During a weeklong trial, five adult men testified that Foulk had abused them for years. They claimed the man they knew as an uncle and foster father bought them pizza and took them to a mountain cabin before forcing them to engage in sex acts.

One of Foulk’s two adopted sons told jurors Foulk abused him from the time he was 9 until he was 21, telling him it was how a man shows love.

Foulk worked as a nurse, obtained a master’s degree in business administration and held previous state jobs before working at Napa State Hospital. He was a foster parent to two boys and adopted two sons.

Prosecutor Danette Gomez argued that Foulk used the foster care system to acquire boys to meet his insatiable sexual appetite, knowing they had no parents to turn to.

She said the years of horrific abuse led the boys to turn to alcohol and drugs and to have trouble forming lasting relationships.

Foulk’s attorney Richard Poland argued there was a lack of physical evidence.

The investigation into Foulk began when someone reported sexual abuse to police after learning Foulk was head of Napa State Hospital.

Source: “Former Hospital Director Sentenced to 248 Years for Sex Abuse,” Associated Press, February 23, 2011.

February 18, 2011

Massachusetts social worker Wayne Nichols charged with multiple rapes

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On September 24, 2010, Massachusetts social worker and grief counselor Wayne E. Nichols was indicted by a Barnstable County grand jury on three counts of rape, five counts of indecent assault and battery and one count of assault and battery.  Nichols is accused of raping a woman numerous times over a two-year period.

Source: Karen Jeffrey, “Yarmouth social worker indicted on rape charges,” The Cape Cod Times, September 28, 2010.

February 17, 2011

Arizona counselor William L. Riedel convicted of drugging and sexually molesting 11-year-old girl

A judge on sentenced a Mesa man to 20 years in prison for sexual exploitation of a minor and 15 years in prison for child molestation, attempted child molestation, attempted sexual exploitation of a minor and unlawful administration of drugs.

In addition to that prison time – the sentences will run back to back – William Lewis Riedel also got lifetime probation on two other charges.

Riedel, a former family counselor, was arrested in January 2008.

According to investigators, Riedel, who was 43 at the time, convinced his then girlfriend to give her 11-year-daughter sleeping pills – they told the child they were allergy pills – and then the couple took pictures as they molested her. This happened in 2006 and went on for three months.

It all came to light nearly two years later when the daughter of Riedel’s new fiance found the pictures on Riedel’s computer. She told her mother and the mother contacted the police.

Investigators confiscated the computer and found a variety of disturbing images or Riedel with the victim. They said the victim appeared to be drugged or unconscious in all of the pictures. Police said they also found other images depicting child pornography.

Riedel allegedly told investigators he “groomed” the victim’s mother, teaching her and encouraging her to take part in the molestation.

Riedel eventually pleaded guilty to the counts for which Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Paul McMurdie sentenced him.

Source: Catherine Holland, “Mesa man gets 35 years in child molestation case,”, February 11, 2011.

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