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May 3, 2011

Spaulding University psychologist James Cooksey suspended for violation with supervisee

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On March 7, 2011, the Commonwealth of Kentucky Board of Examiners in Psychology suspended James J. Cooksey for one year with nine months of the suspension probated for three years.

According to the Board’s Final Order, Cooksey was found to have exercised undue influence in such a manner as to exploit a student or supervisee and to have committed incompetence or negligence in the practice of psychology.

Specifically, the Board found that Cooksey engaged in inappropriate personal discussions with a supervisee, as well as inappropriate physical contact (a massage) with the supervisee, to gratify his own personal emotional needs.

Following his three-month suspension, he is not permitted to supervise any student or anyone providing psychological services and must be supervised in his own practice for at least two years by a Board-appointed psychologist supervisor.

He is also required to pay penalties to the Board totaling $1,250 for his violations and must also pay the Board its costs for the disciplinary proceedings against him.

Source: Final Order of the Board, Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology vs. James J. Cooksey, Ph.D., License Psychologist No. 309, Agency Case No. 09-08, Administrative Action No. 10-KBEP-0143.



  1. Note to all readers, Psych Crime Reporter is a front for the Church of Scientology, well known for it’s virulent attacks on mental health professionals. Psych Crime Reporter spreads hatred, misrepresentations, and skewed, selected reports of mental health professionals in an attempt to discredit those who attempt to help others. There is nothing objective or unbiased about this organization.

    Comment by Kenneth Roberson — June 23, 2011 @ 9:37 pm | Reply

  2. Dear Ken,

    I only post your comments to show our readers that 1) that we are not afraid of being identified with Scientology and 2) how empty your protests are.

    Anyone with an IQ in the triple digits can see that Psych Crime Reporter does not editorialize or inject “hatred” into the stories we post. In fact, the majority of stories we post are verbatim reprints from the source (newspapers’ online sites and state health care licensing boards).

    Do you write to the licensing boards and newspapers who publish such stories/documents and accuse them of being a front for Scientology and of spewing hatred and lies? I doubt it.

    I also have no doubt that you got into your profession with an intention to help people. The problem is that psychology and psychiatry are not medical sciences; they are subjects rife with opinions and “methods” which do not uniformly produce good outcomes. You can’t help everyone with faulty tools.

    Somewhere behind your protests and defenses, you probably are confused why all this education you have has not resulted in uniformly successful outcomes for your patients. And, if that’s true, you certainly have a right to be confused. And angry.

    Someday, one of your ranks is going to wake up and smell the coffee, realize they’ve been betrayed by their alma mater, which educated them in a “science” which does not produce uniformly good outcomes, and sue the school.

    Comment by Psych Crime Reporter — June 23, 2011 @ 10:06 pm | Reply

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